Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chubby Little Buddy

I am so in love with our new little buddy.

He's adorable. He makes little squeaks and coos when he's hungry - if we don't get to him in time, the crying starts. Such a poor little cry! So different than his sister's demanding wails. Funny how she never sounded so loud as after Jacob came home.

When Lily came along, we had no idea how to love a baby. We didn't know what all her little noises meant. We didn't know how long it would take until she could interact with us. Even though she had been inside me for 9+ months, I still had no idea who she WAS when they placed her on my chest. Sure, I loved her in a protecting, nurturing way, but it took me a good month (and much "What's wrong with me?" guilt) before I truly fell in love with her.

This time, I fell in love immediately. It had nothing to do with Jacob being a different baby. It was just that I already knew how. Here we have another little baby for us to cuddle and care for. We know what the little noises mean. We know how to feed him (with some reminders) and how to change him and how to stay calm while he wails if we can't get to him immediately.

I keep imagining him as a toddler...a miniature Ryan running around with sandy hair and mischief in his eyes and a sweet grin on his face. We know what it's like to see a baby grow into a toddler, so it's easier to imagine his transformation.

It's amazing how different it feels the second time around. Sure, I'm sleep-deprived and moving slow and oh-my-gosh they weren't kidding about how much worse the post-partum cramping would be during nursing the 2nd time around. But look what we have in return? A chubby little buddy...


Anonymous said...

Hi! Aunt Ilse here trying to leave a comment again. Let's see if it works...Tell me! Love you, Auntie Ilse

Brent and Abigail said...

he is so cute! we can't wait to see more pictures. Love his chubby cheeks!