Friday, April 25, 2008

Early Intervention

So Lily's "vocabulary" has increased to include barking like a dog and meowing like a cat. The barking is adorable, as she bounces her whole body with each "roof". And when we ask her to say "Dadda", she says "Babba" which is pretty darn close. She still repeats, "Mama" consistently.

Here she is on vacation last month, signing "Eat."

Everything else we ask her to say comes out, "Babba!" with much pride and gusto, because she figured out that saying "Babba!" when trying to say "Dadda" garnered much applause, so now that's her standard response to, "Lily, can you say shoes?" - "Babba!" "Can you say fish?" - pause - "Babba!" With a big, accomplished smile on her face. At least she's consistent.

Here she is, after I asked her to show me her tongue (looks similar to "eat", I know).

In the midst of asking to be helped out the box.

So I filled out the Early Intervention paperwork this morning, and they'll be scheduling an appt to come to our house and evaluate Lily sometime soon. I like that they do it in your own house where your child is more comfortable and more likely to be acting naturally. Here, she can play with her toys and babble and do all of her tricks.

My favorite trick...? "Lily, bring Mama her shoes. She's too pregnant to get up and get them herself." Haha! What do those Early Intervention people know, anyway?