Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birth Plan

Last night, I edited our old birth plan for baby #2. I plan on bringing a copy with me to my 35-week OB visit next week, so they have one on file. Not that they really need one, since they would automatically do everything on it even if I didn't tell them to. I will bring another two copies with me to the hospital when I'm in labor.

I've decided to post a sample birth plan online, should anyone out there in Internet-land have the desire to create one themselves and not know where to get started. Feel free to use this as a jumping-off point for your own plan, personalizing the purple text as you go. Don't worry - our plan was originally created from copies of other plans we had seen, as well.

* NOTE: This particular plan centers around a natural birth with Bradley training, so if that's not something that's important to you, this is probably not the best plan for you to start from. I know this sounds obvious, but please be sure you completely understand and agree with your final birth plan before submitting it to your birth team. If you have any questions, discuss them with your doctor or midwife beforehand. *


Month, Year

To: Obstetrical Nursing Staff at Hospital Name
From: Couple's Full Name
Due Date: Month, Day, Year

We are very excited to be delivering our baby at Hospital Name with Midwife or Doctor's Name. We feel our Bradley classes have prepared us for a healthy, natural childbirth. We understand that complications may arise, and ask that we be consulted and informed before administering any medications or performing any procedures.

We are excited to have you on board with our labory and delivery preferences, as outlined below.

For First Stage Labor, we would like:
- Father's 1st Name (father) [add "and midwife" if applicable] to be present at all times
- To labor naturally - please do not offer pain medication or oxytocin
- Freedom to walk or move around as much as possible during labor
- Only intermittent external fetal monitoring when necessary
- Minimal use of ultrasound monitoring and no internal fetal monitoring
- Freedom to return home if less than 5cm dilated
- Freedom to use shower prior to membrane rupture
- Limited vaginal exams to avoid possibility of infection or premature rupture of membranes

For Second Stage Labor, we would like:
- Freedom of position at all times
- To avoid an episiotomy and would greatly appreciate natural measures to help stretch perineum (warm compresses, massage, etc.) - if an episiotomy is absolutely required, please perform a pressure episiotomy
- No time limit on pushing, so long as baby and mother are doing fine
- Baby given to mother immediately after birth, to breastfeed as soon as possible
- The option for Father's 1st Name (father) to cut the cord, once pulsing has stopped
- Baby to warm on mother's chest with blankets, should warming be required
- Local anasthesia should stitching of perineum be required

For After Birth, we would like:
- All routine newborn exams/procedures delayed to allow for family bonding
- All physical exams/procedures done in mother's room - when not possible, Father's 1st Name (father) should be present with baby at all times
- Proper breastfeeding assistance - and please DO NOT give formula to baby

In Case of Ceserean, we would like:
- Father's 1st Name (father) allowed in operating room at ALL times
- Mother's 1st Name (mother) to be awake during surgery
- Mother's 1st Name (mother) to only have one hand tied down during surgery
- Proper breastfeeding assistance as soon as possible after surgery - and please DO NOT give formula to baby

Please feel free to ask us any questions. Thank you in advance for your support - we are looking forward to sharing our baby's Birth-day with you!

Couple's Full Name


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