Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not Again...

I forgot to mention the one grumble-worthy part of my appointment. This was the first time they were able to tell the baby's position by feeling my belly, and though I was very happy to hear that the head was down where it should be, I left with that old familiar word ringing in my ears:



Though there is still PLENTY of time for baby to be somersaulting and switching positions multiple times a day, it was just discouraging that the first ever baby position announcement for this pregnancy was the exact one I didn't want to hear. When I think back on labor, I don't think "pain" - I think "exhausting!" And that's because Lily was posterior and apparently needed 31.5 hours of labor to decide she was ready to turn around and come out.

Tina assured me that the baby will know what to do this time around - which didn't make much sense to me, because this baby hasn't ever been through labor, so maybe I misunderstood - and that there will be plenty more room in there this time to wriggle around into proper position more quickly.

I sure hope so.

Then she asked me if I was sitting on my exercise ball.
Um, no.

She asked me if I was tailor sitting.
Um, still no.

Which basically means it's MY fault for not doing the things I knew I should have been doing but was just too lazy to do. Here's hoping lots of proper posture and practice will get this baby facing the right direction consistently. And now that my appointments have switched to every two weeks instead of once-monthly, I'll have plenty more opportunities to hear how we're doing.

Ok, baby...TURN.


Amanda said...

Oh NO. You have a lot of time though. Wyatt was still *BREECH* until a month before due date, when he turned into the lovely OP position. I had no idea, but I was just ecstatic that I wouldn't be pushing out a baby BUTT first. Ack. ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm commenting on a really old entry so I hope you get these emailed to you, but with Hayden, he was like that for the last month and the whole time I was told I couldn't lean back at all. I had to lean forward the whole month. Not a very relaxing way to watch tv at night (although it did give Adam lots of access to give me backrubs!). Apparently the baby's back is heavier than the legs and arms tucked up against its front and leaning forward makes the heavy part rest against the front of your belly. And it worked. Since I felt a crazy amount of pain in my lower back during labor even though it was "not back labor" they told me, I guess I can't gripe about a month of leaning forward!