Friday, September 14, 2007

Sleep Update

Lily slept through the night last night. Cried once, but wasn't really awake - by the time I found my glasses and got in there, she was already stopping and snuggling her blankets.

Um, I mean, cold hard cribsheet. There are no blankets in her crib. Or stuffed animals. Or fuzzy dice. Nope.

So that counts! I'll take it.

I love my little Lily so much. Our little fuzzhead. Ryan just can't get enough of her, either. He was working late last night and she was asleep when he got home, so he was happy to hear her talking in her crib this morning while he was getting ready for work (me? not so happy). He went in there, scooped her up, smothered her with kisses, talked to her privately (I know not to ask what the conversation is about - it's just between them), and gave her a big squeeze before putting her in our bed next to me.

For the record? She did not go back to sleep.

Nothing melts me more than seeing his love for her. I never knew being a parent would bring out so many emotions in this cold, hard German... ;)


Anonymous said...

There is truly nothing as beautiful as watching the man you love in love with his child.

My heart remains shattered as it has exploded so many times.